Exciting News

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, and I know saying “I’ve been busy” is no excuse.

But I’ve been busy.

And that busyness has resulted in some pretty exciting news that I get to announce. The only question is, where should I begin?

Perhaps the most exciting news is the fact that I’m nearly finished publishing my first book through my publishing house, Quiet Publications. The book is called Luther’s Catechism: A Modern Reflection. It came from a midweek Lenten series I wrote for my church earlier this year (and published on this blog, if you care to look). I’ve taken those brief reflections, expanded them, and added discussion questions after each chapter. The book is appropriate for confirmation, new member, and adult education classes, as well as individuals. It goes deeper into the content than Luther’s Small Catechism but it’s not as dense as Luther’s Large Catechism.

The book being published is the first bit of exciting news. The fact that it’s being published through Quiet Publications is the second bit. After letting it languish for years, I’ve finally decided to do something with my publishing house. In addition to Luther’s Catechism: A Modern Reflection, I’ve also begun work on two other books. One of them is based on a bible study I wrote and taught a few years ago, and the other is from a sermon series I preached. I’m not going to say any more about those, though, until they’re closer to publication.

First, though, I have to redo the Quiet Publications website so it can handle online orders. Please have patience with me if you go over there to check things out and see a mess.

At some point I plan to accept submissions from other authors, but right now I have too much to learn to be able to offer them much. I’d rather make all the big mistakes on my own work, rather than someone else’s.

In the past, Quiet Publications published a daily devotion based on the daily lectionary reading as it appears in Evangelical Lutheran Worship (2006). That’s coming back beginning Thursday, November 30, which is the first day of the new church year (Year B, for you church nerds out there). Conveniently, the last time I published Quiet Devotions was Year B, so I’ve already got a head start. If you subscribed to Quiet Devotions in the past, I have to ask you to subscribe again once the new website is up. My current subscription list has over 1,600 email addresses, and as much as I’d like to believe I’m that popular, I know that most of those are spammers. I’m going to purge that list and start over with a list managed by MailChimp.

My writing hasn’t been limited to Quiet Publications projects, either. I’m now doing my final edits on the novel I’ve been writing since 2012. It’s been through two rounds of beta readers, and once I finish these edits I’ll begin searching for an agent. I’m perfectly happy to self-publish my theological nonfiction, but I want my fiction to be published traditionally. So far it’s gotten great feedback, and I’m optimistic about my chances. I don’t want to reveal too much about it just yet, but more will come later.

So that’s my exciting news: I’m finally beginning to pull it together as a writer and publisher. I’ll have a much stronger presence on Quiet Publications and here, with blog posts appearing weekly. I’ve already planned out what I’m going to write each week through the end of the year.

I hope you’ll come along with me.


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